Myron - In His Own Words

Stuff Away Terrible Towel Baltimore Fans Terrible Stove & Bar Conklin Executes Fit #37
Brown Brings McDonalds Onto Plane Dancer Tells Everet To Move Bobby Lane Stands Up For Myron
Fan of Jacques Cousteau Open The Door Richard Shopping For Pajamas
Defense Like Cow Pasture - Get Busy! Phillips is a Pre-Historic Caveman Nijinski-Don't Quibble With Me Ilkin
Beating Cleve Sandlotters Don't Count Mad Enough To Spit - Blah Blah It Stinks Garcia is Double Stinky
Thank You Dear 49ers Notecards Dropped Into Tub You Big, Bad Whatever
Hilgrove-Kirkland Dazes Chandler Smells Worse Than Streets in Gilroy Kirkland Like Lion on Safari
Brown Nails 51 yarder Perfect Brown 13 for 13 Myron Jinxes Brown
Merton Hanks - Chicken Man 3 -3 Tie In Second Half Fans Stay Despite Blowout
Guys On The Bus Like Centipedes No Boos For Lucket Remember Civil War Photographer
Guys That Aint Been
Bar Mitzvaed Yet
Boo Phil Lucket From
Here To Nantucket
Pelfry Misses Third Fieldgoal
Bungles Define Bungle Tomczack Birthday Factoid Exercise In Psychology
Marv Levy Quotes Confucius Waters Wants Smashmouth Stinky Call Not Hindsight For Cope
Wrong Time For Couch Couch Could End Up
Like Ricky Williams
Myron Taunts Tunch After Interception
Myron Continues to Taunt Tunch Cute Fake QB Sneak Cirrus or Citrus Clouds?
Subway Polka Song I Have More Experience Than Palmer Not a Real Fan Without
a Terrible Towel
Anterior Crucial Ligament Lions Make Waterbuffalo a Jillionaire Herring Like a Dead Fish
Old Browns or Recycled Browns? Holding Like a Wedding Usher Myron Explains Gumballs
Hope Bruener Doesn't Drop Baby Smedly Was a Butler Smedly Goes For a Ride
Cowher Takes Myron's Advice Amos' Hips Freeze Defense No Cure For Fumblitis
Onside Kick Strategy Onside Kick Prediction Should've Tried The Olindo Mare
Officials Practice Instant Replay Trip to Northwestern Bradshaw and a West Coast Offense
Who Was Tomczak's Backup in 1986? Never Such a Crucial Play New Ball Causes Bad Snaps
Sweet Leo Sweet Leo Car Ad I've Done a Few Commercials
Like Mayo Dripping Out of Sandwich Who Was Shortest Player? Answer To Short Trivia
Short Trivia Cont. Soapy Stood 5' 11" Amos Listed at 5' 8" on Hill
Amos Moves Like Exotic Dancer Amos Like Sally Rand Amos Erotic in Endzone
Porter Makes 3 Plays In Series Tomczak Gets Away With Murder Tomczak Throws Off His Spine
Tomczak's Pass Like Jump Ball High Five Knocks Down Simmons Ponds Going at Him Like a Fresh Meal
Pourdanesh Only One Who Says "Tunch" Edwards Puts On Spin Mover
Edwards Leaves Him Holding Ozone Kicking in College vs. Pros Scary Preseason Kicking
Challenge That Cower I am The World's Greatest
Authority on Fu
Fu Staying Off the Mauna Pua
Dinner and Dessert at Same Time I'll Tell Ya a Story About Fu's Shoes Still Trying to Tell Shoe Story
No Shoes for Fu Tailor Story Part I Did You Ever Have a Tailor, Tunch?
Tunch Needed Smaller Numbers UPMC Commercial Training Camps Like Resorts
Myron Taller Than Famous Amos Harry Holmes Story McNoun Throws Terrible Pass
Tomczak's 93 Year Old Arm Townsend Gets Myron Fired Up Shields Fast For a Tall White Guy
Can't See Scoreboard Can't See Scoreboard in Miami Either Excuse Me For Working My Jaws
Order Mauna Pua for Brown This Is The Pittsburgh
Steelers Football Network
Who's Barry Manilow?
Bengals Poem from 1973 MNF on West Coast Sloppy Preseason Fun
Hope That Bungles Will Lose Dirty Coin Toss Fans Boo Coin Toss
Ward Looked Like Ninjinski? Linebacker Standing Still Bad Omen - No Towel
Mouthpiece Flew Into 3rd Row George Not Bad For A Thespian Dawson Knocks Teeth Into 5th Row
What Do Ya Need With That Gadget Play What's Going On Down There? When I Kick The Bucket...
What Is He Doing Pump Faking? Kordell Explains Pump Fake Slap More Butter On Fingers
Favre Looking For A Window Could Tell Listerine Or Scope Brookes Uses Wheatgrass Not Scope
Hey Cower, Wake Up Your Offense Bengal Nightmare, Flashback To Carnell Lake,
Yoi, and Triple Yoi!
I'm Taking More Punishment
Than The Bus
Baltimore, Nashville, Tennesee... Whatever Had My Heart In My Mouth
Cower Wakes Up Myron Hey Cower, Wake Up Slash Fu Scores On Reggie
Post Concussion Syndrome Don't Have To
Call Attention To Yourself
Suck Wind Dear Seattle Seahawks
Kirkland Decks Enis Gildon Strips Moon Art Sr. Working Irish Luck
West Mifflin Houseparty Terrible Towel Under Turf Ten Yards From Buried Towel
Lambert Would Have
Loved To Have Played
Get Your Big Butt
Into The Endzone
Fu Crashed Into a Guy
Like He Was Mush
Fu Recovers Muffed Punt Tofu? No Taste of Fu Running Aint Science
Give These Guys a
Taste of Fu
Wheeler Gets Undressed (Twice) Bruener Thumps Beasley

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