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Many long time Steeler fans know that there was nothing like listening to a game called by Myron Cope, Bill Hillgrove and Tunch Ilkin. Myron Cope was a color commentator on the Pittsburgh Steelers radio network from 1970 - 2005. Myron made the bad games bearable and the great games even better.

    Widely known as the creator of the Terrible Towel, Myron has also been given credit by Jack Ham with coining the "Steel Curtain" nickname for the Hall of Fame defense of the 70's. He also was the first broadcaster to use Michael Ord's Immaculate Reception description of Franco's Harris's miraculous catch VS the Oakland Raiders on Dec. 23, 1972.

    I am one of many Steelers fans who used to mute the TV broadcasters (see P-G 9/28/98) in order to listen to Myron, Bill and Tunch on Pittsburgh Steelers network stations.

    Use the links above to listen to many audio clips from Myron, Bill, and Tunch. Many thanks to Ken Watts for providing shared web space at PSFCOM.NET for this web site.

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