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From the 1971 season:

Willie Stargell and a little Chicken on the Hill! (136 K Real Player file)
Roberto "arriba" Clemente hitting an in the park homerun. (207 K Real Player file).
Roberto could also catch (218 K Real Player file) and throw (326 K Real Player file) with the best of them!
July 6th - Roberto's 2800th hit. (200 K Real Player file)
July 9th - A Bucco triple play.(263 K Real Player file)
August 14th - Willie Stargell making last out in Bob Gibson's no hitter vs the Bucs. (802 K Real Player file)
September 22nd - The Buccos clinch the 1971 NL East Title. (612 K Real Player file)

On September 29, 1972 Roberto Clemente's career hit total stood at 2999. That night he failed, against the Mets, to get hit 3000. Listen to the gunner describe the missed hit on an error (831 K Real Player file) and a caught line drive. (467 K Real Player file) From September 30, listen to Bob Prince describe Roberto Clemente's 3000th hit. (159 K Real Player file)

Nobody knew it at the time, but that would be Roberto's last hit. He died on December 31, 1972 in a tragic airplane accident off the shore of his native Puerto Rico. Major League Baseball waived the 5 year wating period and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame on August 5, 1973. He remains the only player to be so honored. Learn much more about the great one at his official website or in this audio tribute from NPR radio first heard on Jan 1, 1998.

Bob Prince was a great story teller too:

Bob accused of planting a bomb on an airline. (761 K Real Player file)
How he got the nickname gunner. (516 K Real Player file)

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The audio clips on this web page were digitized into RealPlayer format from a 1972 33 1/3 LP record on the 1971 Pirate champiomship season and a 1974 Roberto Clemente tribute record.